Mercedes Lackey’s “Elemental Masters” series: Blood Red


Blood Red (2014)

[Based on “Little Red Riding Hood”.]

The parallel to “Little Red Riding Hood” occurs in the prologue. Rosamund (Rosa), who is a young girl at this stage, is a developing Earth Master, living in the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) in Germany. She regularly goes through the forest to the home of “Grandmother” Helga, who teaches her in Elemental Magic. On this occasion, she finds a werewolf in Helga’s house, and discovers her teacher dead. She calls for help, and is rescued by the Brotherhood of the Foresters, who are the Elemental Magicians of the Schwarzwald region. From then on she lives with, and is trained by, the Brotherhood.

The remainder of the book occurs years later, when she has reached adulthood, and become a Hunt Master in the Brotherhood. The main activities of the Brotherhood are to hunt down nasty magical creatures, but they also look after the forest and the Elemental creatures, and rescue lost children.

Rosa and a fellow Earth Master travel to Transylvania at the invitation of the Elemental Magicians there, to hunt and destroy a werewolf and a vampire who are killing villagers.

On her way home to the Black Forest, she is invited to stay at the mansion of the Graf (or Count) von Stahldorf, the Lodge Master of the Elemental Magicians in Munich.   He invites her to take on a broader task, hunting monsters throughout Europe.

One of the Count’s guests is Marko, who to Rosa’s shock turns out to be a werewolf, but a benevolent one from a family of hereditary werewolves. Marko and his cousin Dominik have come to the Count to ask for help in another part of Transylvania, where a large number of people are going missing. Rosa goes with them to solve the problem. But this will turn out to be her most dangerous mission.


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