Mercedes Lackey’s “Elemental Masters” series


This is a historical fantasy series, set in the late 19th and early 20th century, mostly in the UK and Europe. It is presented, not so much as an alternative history, as a hidden aspect of our own history. Magic exists, but most people are unaware of it.

The magic relates to the four classical elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. A fifth element, Spirit, is added later. People with magic related to the elements are Elemental Magicians (or Elemental Mages). The most powerful of these are the Elemental Masters. There are various magical beings or creatures related to the elements; these are called Elemental Creatures. The Elemental Magicians are aware of, and interact with, the Elemental Creatures, especially when performing their magic.

Mercedes Lackey has loosely based each of her stories on a fairy tale. There is also a theme in the series of women standing up for their rights, during a period when women’s rights were not generally recognised.

Books in the series

Previously I had my reviews of the books of this series all on the one webpage. I have now split them out, so there is a page for the Overview, and a separate page for the review of each book.


7 thoughts on “Mercedes Lackey’s “Elemental Masters” series

    • Thanks for your question Beverly.
      Nan and Sarah visit Sherlock and the Watsons over a period of days, returning to their own flat at the end of each day. Normally Suki stays at home at their flat, but on the trip I mentioned, when Nan goes with the Watsons to Kent, Suki joins them. I have amended my review to clarify.

      I have also added a comment about how Nan and Sarah had originally rescued Suki from a false medium.


      • Carol Bridges

        I have the same question about Suki, which you didn’t seem to answer. Which book, if any, is that in? I’m still confused.


      • Hi Carol,

        Suki is introduced in “A Study in Sable”, and then appears in each of the stories with Nan and Sarah which follow: “A Scandal in Battersea”, “The Bartered Brides” and “The Case of the Spellbound Child”.

        I wasn’t sure what Beverly was asking. I thought I had adequately explained Suki’s origins in my review of “A Study in Sable”, so I thought maybe she wondered how she turned up later in the story when she hadn’t been with Nan and Sarah visiting the Watsons.

        Anyway, I’ll try and explain her origins in more detail.

        Suki is living with Nan and Sarah from the beginning of “A Study in Sable”, and her origins are given as backstory. She had been an orphan living on the streets. A fake medium had taken Suki to work for her, with Suki using her psychic powers to read the minds of clients.

        Nan and Sarah had gone to investigate the fake medium, which I think resulted in the medium being shut down. Suki would have been sent to an orphanage or workhouse, but Nan and Sarah decided to take her into their own home. They became her guardians, with the approval of Lord Alderscroft.

        I hope this explains things.


      • Carol Bridges

        Okay, I get it now. Thething that seemed odd to me and, I think, the other poster is that Misty would normally introduce Suki in either a short story or in her own novel. When she just appears out of nowhere it makes you feel like you missed getting her story somehow. I hope that she will get her own story/book someday. It should be a great read. 🙂


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