James H Schmitz’s “The Complete Federation of the Hub”: Trigger & Friends


Volume 3: Trigger & Friends (2001)

Harvest Time (1958)
Lion Loose (1961)
Aura of Immortality (1974)
Forget It (1965)
Legacy (1962)
Sour Note on Palayata (1956)
Afterword, by Eric Flint
The Psychology Service: Immune System of the Hub, by Guy Gordon

Harvest Time (1958) (novelette)

Lion Loose (1961) (novella)

Aura of Immortality (1974) (short story)

Forget It (1965) (novelette)

(Retitle of: Planet of Forgetting)
(adapted by Guy Gordon 2001 for this volume. Substitutes Heslet Quillan as the main character, and sets the story in the Hub)

Legacy (1962) (novel)

(Retitle of: A Tale of Two Clocks)

Sour Note on Palayata (1956) (novelette)

[The editor has added the following note at the beginning: This story is not directly part of the Trigger Argee and Heslet Quillan cycle of tales.  It relates an early adventure of the same Pilch who, many years later, features so prominently in Trigger’s history and appears once, in “Compulsion,” in the Telzey saga.]

Afterword, by Eric Flint

Eric Flint discusses the characters and themes of the series.

The core of Schmitz’s Hub stories is the adventures of Telzey and Trigger.

But there are several secondary characters, who appear in stories with Telzey or Trigger.  Most of them also appear as the main character in a story of their own.

  • Holati Tate is the main character in “Harvest Time”, and here Trigger is his supporting character.
  • Pilch is one of the main characters in “Sour Note on Palayata”.
  • Wellan Dasinger, head of the Kyth Interstellar Detective Agency, is the main character in “The Star Hyacinths”.
  • Heslet Quillan is one of the main characters in “Legacy” (along with Trigger), and also the main character of “Lion Loose”. He is also the main character in “Forget It” – although in this case, Schmitz’s original story has been adapted by Guy Gordon to substitute Quillan in what had originally been a non-Hub story.
  • Danestar Gems and Corwin Wergard, members of the Kyth Detective Agency, appear in “The Searcher”.
  • Keth Deboll appears in “A Nice Day for Screaming”.

In Volume 4 of the series, another heroine appears: Nile Etland.  She is Schmitz’s most important character in the Hub series, other than Telzey and Trigger.

There are two main themes in Volume 4: Ecology and Alien Invasion.  And even the Alien Invasion stories are described in ecological terms.

The Psychology Service: Immune System of the Hub, by Guy Gordon